About Us

Welcome to Men of Christ Madison

Men of Christ Madison is a Wisconsin non-profit corporation, made up of layman from South Central Wisconsin.

Our charter is too, in part, to sponsor conferences that will evangelize, catechize, and unify Catholic men by bringing in speakers who will motivate, educate, and push each participant to improve themselves.  The experience of attending these conferences with other similarly situated Catholic men will form a brotherhood that will empower each man boldly to live his Catholic faith.

Men of Christ Madison is affiliated with Men of Christ (Milwaukee).  We are forever grateful for the mentorship and guidance provided by Milwaukee to get our team started, and for their continued support!

This vision started when Bishop Donald J. Hying challenged the Men of Christ Madison Team to equip the men of the Madison Diocese with confidence and competence to not only become a better Catholic man; to become a Disciple.



Lead every man to a relationship with Jesus Christ; equipping him with the competence and confident to not only become a better Catholic man, to become a disciple.


The Men of Christ Madison traces our genesis to August 1, 2019.  But the inspiration and drive to create such as group – had been building for years.

Kevin O'Brien, President and founding   member of Men of Christ, was considering avenues to expand  their very successful  format of evangelization, via annual men's  conferences, and year-round family events.   ln discussions with Fr. Eric Nielson, an initial  meeting was set-up on August 1, 2019 with  the Waunakee "That  Man  is  You" dynamic men’s group core team.

This joint  meeting, with about a dozen people, ultimately planted the seed leading to the formation of a core team of inspired Catholic men that has emerged as Men of  Christ Madison.

While ambitious plans for our initial program  at the  Monona  Terrace  were  dashed, and  later plans to hold a conference in October 2020 in Wisconsin Dells were also put on  hold due to the COVID pandemic, the core  team continued to strategize to carry forward  planning for a Diocese of Madison Men's conference. True to the founding vision, this  2021 planning and program has been created  entirely by laymen in our Diocese.

Thanks again to the Milwaukee Men of Christ  organization.  Without their inspiration, encouragement, mentorship, technical  support tools for our team, and sharing of content, this  conference would not have  happened. Kevin and Tom  O'Brien and Jim  Michaletz have been particularly helpful,   coming through every time we asked.

Thank you, Men  of  Christ (Milwaukee), for  planting the flag for so many of our brothers in Christ.

God Bless you, and we look forward to our  bright future together in the Diocese of Madison.